Restoring Classic Sash Windows

The renovation of existing sash windows is becoming more and more popular, with more people choosing to stick with the classic sash design rather than investing in brand new and expensive windows. Fixing the sliding mechanism and window frames is very inexpensive compared to other window designs. A question that remains is whether you should stick to your current glass panes or not.

Restoration specialists now offer a wide variety of glazing options so it is worth noting what each option offers. Find out all you need to know in our 10-minute guide to double glazed windows.

tilting sash windowsToughened or safety glass is also something that many people go for. The glass is toughened by heating it to high temperatures to increase it’s durability. Laminated glass is another popular option, in this case a membrane has been fitted in between two layers of glass. Standard glass is much more liable to break than these two options.

If your windows are easy to get to for burglars, these 2 types of glass are ideal in preventing people being able to break in. If your windows are within easy reach of any potential intruders, you need to consider these 2 types of glass.

They are also much safer if they are damaged as laminated glass will stick to the mesh membrane and safety glass shatters into much smaller pieces than standard glass. Also worth considering is if your window is less than 80 cm off the ground, it is a legal requirement to have it fitted with laminated or toughened glass. On windows lower than 0.8m from the ground, it’s a safety regulation that it must be fitted with laminated or toughened glass.

One of the most popular options for uPVC sash windows

is to fit strengthened glass into the frames. Apart from the fact that these windows are less likely to break, they also keep more noise and cold temperatures out. Damaged glass is a safety hazard and should be replaced as soon as possible. Why would you replace window frames but keep the risk of adverse whether ruining the glass panes?

If your preference is more aesthetic than safety based, textured and patterned glass is better for showing off your house. Rooms such as bathrooms and cloakrooms often use textured or patterned glass to stop people from seeing inside, yet they also allow sufficient natural light in. Different textures and patterns suit differing properties and windows, so ask a window restoration specialist to give you advice before selecting your window panes.

Whilst not as popular, double glazed sealed units are a good choice if you can find an experienced professional to fit them. You need to be confident of the tradesman because the additional weight of a second pane can be too much for some box frames.

Always ask the professional if they have experience of restoration of sash windows. The best tradesmen will survey the windows first before suggesting any other work that may need doing.

The end result will be original windows that look like new and last for a long time.

Classically Styled Sash Windows