UPVC Conservatories: Roof Design Options & Costs

Conservatories are a very popular way for people to create more room in their house.

loggia conservatoriesThis is probable because conservatories can usually be constructed in quite a short time scale and have a big range or prices – from cheap conservatories to costly bespoke designs.

However you decide to go, you should take some time to consider the type of roofing that you want on your conservatory.

There are some distinct advantages / disadvantages to certain types of conservatory roof options and it’s a good thing to understand in advance what the key features of each type of roof option are.

Main conservatory roof types

You basically have 3 choices to go for, strangely enough, each subsequent option costs more to fit in the short term, but can save more money over the long term.

  1. Polycarbonte – cheap, not very energy efficient, lot’s of owners get fed up of it after a short time
  2. Glass – double or triple glazed. Better energy efficiency, but can let a lot of bright light in and cause the room to overheat if not managed properly
  3. Solid – tiles usually. If you use heavy concrete tiles your conservatory frames need to be strong. Use lightweight tiles or composite panels for a lighter roof.

Tiled conservatory roofing is longer lasting and makes the conservatory look more permanent – this is also what the planning department may think and could require you to seek permission before changing from a clear glass / polycarbonate roof to a solid or tiled roof

See this comprehensive buyer and cost guide to replacement conservatory roofing here: https://www.localconservatoryprices.co.uk/conservatory-roof-prices/

Conservatories and Roof Design Options